The Centre is governed by a Management Committee, the Committee is made up of volunteers.  The Committee members have collective general responsibilities in terms of the aims and objectives of the Centre and to ensure sound governance in all aspects of the Centre’s operations. The Constitution of the Centre provides the powers for the Committee and the framework for the Centre to operate.

The Committees roles includes:-

Giving the Centre direction: – They will provide strategic overview in terms of purpose and delivery of services including the development of policies and procedures. They will develop forwarding planning systems which take into account current and future factors which impact on services we provide.  They will closely monitor and review external and internal factors which influence the need for services within South Ayrshire.

Complying with relevant legislation:- Ensure that the Centre is compliant with all relevant legal requirements

Managing people:-Responsibility for the recruitment and development of the Centre’s most important asset – its staff.  The Committee are committed to the development and training of all who are involved within the Centre, this includes Committee members, staff and volunteers.

The Committee are committed to being a responsible employer and has developed terms and conditions of employment to meet this commitment, these are reviewed on a regular basis.

The day to day management of staff is delegated to senior management within the Centre, duties of senior management are outlined within their job descriptions which are reviewed by the Committee on a periodic basis.

Being accountable:-Accountable to contractual partners, regulatory bodies such as OSCR and Care Inspectorate, partner agencies, service users, staff and general public in South Ayrshire.  Committee members must managing the Centre effectively and regularly meet to oversee the activities and services provided by the Centre. They have a vital role in terms of setting and reviewing policies and procedures in consultation with all staff within the Centre and if appropriate partner agencies.

Ensure that our Annual Report is completed and our AGM is held within the timescales set out within the Constitution of the Centre.

Centre’s resources:-Overall responsibility for the Centre’s finances. The Treasurer will act as the link between the Committee and the Chief Executive Officer who has day to day responsibility in relation to the Centre’s resources including financial.  The Committee will ensure that all financial reporting regulations and other reporting requirements are complied with including compliance with requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator.  The Committee shall appoint a qualified Accountant to verify our annual accountants.

General:- Committee shall work together as a team seeking to forward the interests of the Centre. A strong commitment to the aims and values of the Centre is an essential requirement for Committee members.  Through this commitment the Centre will have strong governance and leadership.

The Committee seeks to have positive engagement with all staff and are supported by Senior Management in delivering this engagement within the Centre.

The Committee will comply with all legal responsibilities and duties which flow from the services we provide.

Office Bearers of the Committee:-The Committee is responsible for the appointment of suitable officer bearers to enable the Committee and Centre to operate effectively.

Priorities for 2016

The year ahead will be a busy year for the Committee, they will continue to deal with regular functions and will in particular continue the preparation for the conversion of the Housing Aid Centre from an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  The Committee will work with staff as we prepare for the procurement of our services 2017.

New Committee Members

The Centre from time to time will seek to recruit new Committee members, a member be must be committed to the aims and objectives of the Centre, put the interests of the Centre first and to comply with all the relevant requirements of being a member of our Committee.

If you require more information about the Management Committee, please contact the John Mulholland CEO 01292 288111