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Press Release 2018/19

“Hardship and mental stress face many South Ayrshire families holding on to tenancies”

Ayr Housing Aid Centre held their AGM on the 15th July 2020 which covered 2018/2019.

The Centre is based in South Ayrshire and provides Free independent Housing Information, Advice, Advocacy and Engagement Services and has been operational for over 30 years. The Centre works across all housing sectors, public, private rented and owner occupied.

John Mulholland, CEO presented a detailed report on a wide range of issues relating to the Services the Centre provides. In the year the Centre opened 1,300 cases, since 2012 provided sessions on housing and homelessness to 5,693 secondary school pupils and engaged with a wide range of groups within communities and partners across South Ayrshire. In 322 cases the Centre directly prevented homeless which benefitted Service Users on a number of levels.

John highlighted growing evidence and concerns regarding poor mental health and hardship for many who access the services provided.  He said “We have seen number of service expressing they have mental health issues grow year on year with 50% cases opened in this report year stating they have many health issues. He expected these number are likely to remain high in 2019/2020 as the short, medium and long term impact of the Covid 19 lockdown develops. It is clear that homeless and housing pressures impact on mental health and wellbeing of individuals and families.

It is vital that people in need are aware of the help the Centre can provide and that partner agencies refer people at the earliest possible stage.  In doing so there is increased potential for positive outcomes and reduce the potential of these problems becoming overwhelming.” The Centre can be contacted by phone on 07745 798 226 or email at info@ayrhousingaidcentre.com or go to our website.

The Centre greatly values the input of Service Users, some comments:

“Helped me think about my options after I leave care”

“Always went above and beyond to help me”

“I appreciate everything this Organisation does for people.  Amazing.  Thank you”

“They are knowledgeable, professional and caring.  Great Service – amazing people”

Alex Anderson, Chairperson highlighted to the audience the Centre services are free and independent providing high quality services which are accredited and inspected. He commended John, staff and the voluntary Management Committee for all of their commitment over the past year.

The detailed Annual Report and other Reports are on the Centre’s website at www.ayrhousingaidcentre.com/reports.  For further information please contact John Mulholland CEO or Suzanne Slavin, Services Manager by email on info@ayrhousingaidcentre.com or by phone 07745 798 226



Here in South Ayrshire we are preventing homelessness and accessing numerous grants to help alleviate poverty, reduce anxiety and increase connectivity for those who are struggling at this difficult time. We would welcome anyone who is requiring help with any housing or related issue to make contact with us.

Ayr Housing Aid Centre, a local Charity established by local lay persons in 1987 provides fully accredited free, Independent Housing Advice, Advocacy and Care Inspectorate regulated Engagement Services throughout South Ayrshire and is governed by a voluntary Management Committee.

We provide a wide range of services including:-

  • Housing Information, Advice and Advocacy
  • Prison Housing Advice (East & South Ayrshire)
  • Tenure Sustainment
  • First Home
  • First Home Care Experienced and
  • Housing Education for Youths in Schools

The Centre has opened over 24,000 cases over the years.   Each year around 5,000 people positively benefit from the services we provide and the work we do.  We have achieved the highest grading from the external agencies who regulate the work we do (National Standards on Advice and Information and the Care Inspectorate) so anyone who contacts us can be rest assured of the quality of the services we provide.  Part of these inspection processes covers staff competence and they directly contacted Service Users for their views.  We are very proud of the recognition given to staff of the quality of their professional practice in the delivery of our services.  This is further supported by the very positive feedback we receive from our Service Users directly and indirectly through Contractors and external Consultants.

The Centre has successfully tendered for our services in 2012 and 2017 and has met all compliance requirements delivering our contracts throughout.  The Committee has released an advance copy of our Annual Summary Report which is on our website www.ayrhousingaidcentre.com/reports for anyone to access and full reports will be available after our AGM.

During this challenging time we have introduced a range of measurers to ensure that new and current Service Users can access our services. We provide updates on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ayrhac and our website www.ayrhousingaidcentre.com.  We have developed a Covid-19 tab on our website with a range of information bulletins for partner agencies and the general public requiring up to date information.  We work with our many partner agencies to ensure everyone who needs help gets it when they need it.

Get in touch by email – advice@ayrhousingaidcentre.com or Phone, Text & WhatsApp – 07549 603895

Council Tax Payments – Covid-19

Council Tax Post


The Centre in response to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID 19) have been monitoring the guidance and advice issued by the Scottish Government and NHS. Following risk assessments we have established a number of priorities:-

  • Protection of Service Users, Staff, Management Committee, Volunteers, Partner Agencies
  • Developed risk awareness and preferred communication methods, telephone, emails, texts, WhatsApp
  • Minimise impact on access to services
  • Ensure continuity of services

The Centre is committed to providing high quality services and this has to take into account service user and staff health and safety.  Due to recent events we are having to change how services are provided for the foreseeable future.


You can still phone 07549 603895

Email – advice@ayrhousingaidcentre.com  

Texts and WhatsApp – 07549 603895

In addition to this we have opened up an extra advice line for calls, texts and WhatsApp – 07760 750256


You can still contact your worker by:-

Phone, texts, WhatsApp on the number you have been given to reach your individual worker

email – first.home@ayrhousingaidcentre.com  or tenure.sustainment@ayrhousingaidcentre.com  


This includes HOME+, HEY and any training or information sessions arranged


Should contact the Centre by e-mailing us at info@ayrhousingaidcentre.com or referring Service Users to us by Signpost as normal.

Alternatively you can text/whatsapp the Centre on 07549 603895

If you require any more detailed information please click the links below:-



2017/18 AGM

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to come to out AGM yesterday SeAscape South Ayrshire Council Live University of the West of ScotlandDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWP

Our Reports can be viewed here:-

Open Letter

With our annual holiday season now at an end, it is probably an opportune time to reflect.  Ayr Housing Aid Centre a Free Independent Organisation provides a range of services and has been in existence for over 30 years. We were initially established by interested parties and individuals within South Ayrshire due to concerns around homelessness and its impact on individuals and their families.

Over these 30 years we have opened over 23,000 cases which have impacted on over 100,000 people when taking into account families.  On average about 50% of or cases related to homeless or threatened with homelessness.  We welcome the fact that profile of the plight of the homeless is raised around Christmas period although homelessness is happening all year round.  As we see homeless growing again it highlights that we should not be complacent.  They are many causes of homelessness and indeed often decisions made on others areas of policy such as welfare reform can directly lead to homelessness. It is sad that we see the growth of poverty including child poverty in the 21st Century which also contributes to homelessness.  The Centre is committed to providing services and to prevent homeless where possible.

We at the Centre work with many partners in the fight against homelessness all year round and we thank them for their support. We would take this opportunity to thank the Salvation Army for their wonderful response to ensure that children of families who struggle at Christmas receive gifts; this is supported by donations from the public and businesses.  The Centre has been part of this worthwhile response over a number of years and this is an example of strong community partnerships.

We acknowledge and thank the many individuals, groups and businesses such as SeAscape, Foodbank, Unity Grill and Wheels in Motion to name a few who supports individuals and organisation such as the Centre to help those in housing need all year round.


John Mulholland, CEO

Ayr Housing Aid Centre

Support Ayr Housing Aid Centre at Amazon Smile

Support Ayr Housing Aid Centre when you shop at smile.amazon.co.uk


Please click on the link below when purchasing:



FUNDRAISING: Sponsored Walk

The Centre held an organised Sponsored Walk where Staff, their families and Organisations participated.  £1,371 was raised.  A big thanks to everyone who took part in this event.


The money will be used to provide free, independent Housing Information, Advice, Advocacy and Engagement Services.


The Centre has claimed Gift Aid on relevant donations.  This will increase our total fundraising money even further.

Claire MacDonald and Alison Brown took part in a Half Marathon in memory of a founding member of the Centre, Ian Hughes and raised a remarkable £1,500 for the Centre.  A massive thanks to Claire and Alison.


The Centre has claimed Gift Aid on the above which will increase the money raised to a marvelous £1,875.



Ayr Housing Aid Centre is hosting a Walk for Homelessness with Ayr Housing Aid Centre on 7th July 2018.  This event is to raise funds for the Services Ayr Housing Aid Centre provides.  The walk will be along the River Ayr with a maximum distance of 5 miles, you choose your distance.  We hope you are able to register for the event which can be done by contacting:

Karen Taylor or Suzanne Moffat at info@ayrhousingaidcentre.com or by phone on 01292 288111.  

If you wish to make a donation direct to the Centre please contact Karen. 

At the point of registering we will provide you with a Sponsorship Form, Route and Risk Assessment.  There will be Marshalls at different points throughout the walk.  It is our aim to raise funds but also we hope all participants will have an enjoyable experience walking with the Centre.




The Fundraising Team

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