In partnership with South Ayrshire Council we have launched a new Tenant Advice and Information Service.  Leica Malkin is now in post and will be able to advise tenants who have or will be affected by Welfare Reform.  This includes moving to electronic benefit claims, direct payments of benefit to tenants and the spare room subsidy reduction, (Bedroom Tax).

Leica Malkin will provide advice to tenants on an individual basis, as well as delivering training and information sessions to Tenant Groups on a range of welfare issues.

John Mulholland CEO of Ayr Housing Aid Centre said: “It is very important that tenants and Tenant Groups get up to date and accurate advice and information on welfare issues which could impact their tenancies. Our service is designed to help tenants prepare and respond to changes in the welfare system as they are rolled out.”

Heather Anderson from South Ayrshire Council said: “Tenants have recognised the challenges arising from Welfare Reform and have developed a new service which will prepare tenants for these changes and ensure they have easy access to quality information and advice.”

Tenants involved within the Housing Service said: “‘We are delighted that the Housing Service has recognised, along with involved tenants, that Welfare Reform is having a significant impact on tenants and that having this post it is going to benefit tenants of South Ayrshire Council.”

The service started on 1st April 2014 and will be for an initial period of 1 year.

Leica Malkin, Tenant Advice and Information Officer can be contacted by phone: 01292 388101, Text: 07760 750256

e-mail: or by contacting us on our main number – 01292 288111.

The staff and Management Committee at Ayr Housing Aid Centre would like to welcome Leica to the Team.



The Centre is preparing for the National Standards Audit for our Advice Service.  This audit considers Policies, processes and the Quality of Advice.


John Mulholland, CEO said “The Centre has been part of this quality control system for many years now and are looking forward for the next Audit which will take place in our new improved premises.  Preparations for this are now at an advanced stage and we expect the Audit to take place in January 2014.”


AGM for Reporting Year 2012/13

The Centre held its AGM on 20th November 2013 at Holmston House, Ayr.  The Annual Report for 2012/13 was presented which included our Financial Report.  Chairperson Alex Anderson launched the Centre’s first Newsletter and it  is our intention to issue this quarterly.


The AGM was well attended and Alex welcomed Les Anderson from South Ayrshire Seniors Forum and Kenny Leinster from South Ayrshire Council as Guest Speakers.


The Centre was inspected on 3.7.13 by the Care Inspectorate.  In our previous inspections we had always achieved 5 – Very Good across the board.

In our new Report we are pleased that we have been awarded

5 – Very Good for Quality of Support,

6 – Excellent for Quality of Staffing and

6 – Excellent for Quality of Management and Leadership, see below.


Date Quality of Care and Support Quality of Environment Quality of Staffing Quality of Management and Leadership
03 Jul 2013 5 – Very Good (I) 6 – Excellent (I) 6 – Excellent (I)
24 Jan 2013 5 – Very Good (I) 5 – Very Good (I) 5 – Very Good (I)
05 May 2011 5 – Very Good (I) 5 – Very Good (I) Not Assessed
04 Feb 2009 5 – Very Good (I) Not Assessed 5 – Very Good (I) 5 – Very Good (I)


A full copy of the Report can be accessed at:-

The Management Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all management and staff for their continuous hard work and dedication to providing a high quality service.  Without them this excellent grade would not have been able to have been achieved.



AGM for Reporting Year 2011/12

The Centre held our AGM on 27th February 2013 in the Country Hall, Ayr.  The Annual Report was presented with a range of other reports; these can be accessed on our Reports page.

Kevin Anderson, Housing Policy and Strategy Co-ordinator for South Ayrshire Council gave a very interesting and informative presentation on the future of the Private Rented Sector.

The Centre welcomes Veterans First Point Ayrshire to 7 York Street, this service is a signposting service run by Veterans for Veterans and serving armed forces.  They aim to link Service Users to other appropriate services, including ourselves.

You can contact them by phoning 07527 845122. They will be based here at the Centre at 7 York Street every Tuesday from 26.2.13 from 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Care Inspectorate Report

The Centre was inspected by the Care Inspectorate on 24.1.13 and as normal this inspection was unannounced. The Inspection Report is now available to download from the “SCSWIS” website. John Mulholland CEO for the Centre stated “ We are very proud that our services have once again achieved an overall Grade 5 (very good) from the Inspectorate. We are committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to Service Users who are central to the services we provide.”

The Centre AGM

Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 27th February 2013, in the County Hall, Wellington Square, Ayr at 7:00pm.  Our Annual Report 2011/12 will be presented which includes our financial statement.  A speaker from South Ayrshire Council will be attending.

All are welcome, please phone Karen Taylor on 01292 288111 to let us know your coming along.

Formal Opening of the New Centre

Our new Centre at 7 York Street, Ayr was formally opened by Provost Helen Moonie on 6th February 2013.  Alex Anderson, our chairperson welcomed all our guests (over 70) to our Open Day and Formal Launch of the new Centre.  He was very pleased with the turnout and particularly happy to welcome some current and former Service Users.

Helen welcomed the opportunity to come and open the Centre and stated that the Centre was held in high regard in South Ayrshire and beyond.  She wished the Centre, Staff and Committee best wishes for the future and was sure we would continue to provide high quality services to the people of South Ayrshire.

John Mulholland our CEO thanked Helen for her kind words and went onto highlight the importance of our services which always places Service Users at the Centre of our services.  John thanked the Staff and Committee for all the hard work which was necessary due to the move.

We are now saying farewell to the old Centre in Holmston Road which served the Centre well over the past 25 years and now look forward to continuing to develop our services in York Street.



Ayr Housing Aid Centre Team


We Are Moving

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