After attending a Shelter Seminar around 1986 a group of local interested lay persons came together to form Ayr Housing Aid Centre in 1987.  This was supported by Shelter and the local authority. We have grown from strength to strength since then and continue to develop and grow to meet local demand and help those in housing need.

We are a registered charity helping South Ayrshire residents with housing issues.  We provide free and independent Services.  A major part of the Centre’s work is to provide advice, information, advocacy, representation along with Engagement Services to prevent homelessness and help those going into their First Home or waiting to be housed by the Council.

Primarily the Centre operates in South Ayrshire. We will always try and actively signpost those out with South Ayrshire to a local service where they live or a National Service such as Shelter or Citizens Advice Scotland.  Our Prison Housing Advice Service covers East and South Ayrshire.

Quality Assurances

Our Housing Information, Advice and Advocacy service is Accredited under the National Standards since 2003 at Type III (therefore we deliver types I, II and III across all areas of Housing Law)

From February 2003 until present our Engagement Services have been inspected and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.


The Centre successfully tendered for a Contract with South Ayrshire Council which commenced on 1.11.17 and is expected to continue until 2020 on an annual basis.

We also fundraise and raise income by providing training courses on housing and homeless law.

More information on our funding can be found in our Reports Section.


Over the years we have had volunteers coming into the Centre to donate time. Most of these have been volunteer Admin Assistants and Office Juniors. If you are interested in this please contact Karen Taylor.  The Management Committee are volunteers.

Constitutional Status of the Centre

The Centre is currently an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation which is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator.  The Centre has a Management Committee who oversees the strategic, financial and policy direction of the Centre.

The Centre is working towards conversion to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and hope to convert in 2020.